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About the Instructor:

Arabah Joy is author of the popular blog www.arabahjoy.com which receives hundreds of thousands of visits every month. With a subscriber base of over 58K, AJ has learned how to find and serve her readers. She teaches other Christian bloggers how to do the same and is trusted among Christian bloggers for providing highly practical, actionable, and effective training that doesn't compromise biblical principles. 

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"The assignments have helped me refine my vision, create quality, shareable content, and get a better grasp on key social media strategies. It has been a blessing to benefit from AJ's experience." 

"AJ has been the most influential role model & teacher in my blogging journey. I can trust that her wisdom is Biblically sound and learned from personal experience. My blog has grown by leaps and bounds because of her guidance. Should you take this course? Oh my word - a thousand times yes!" 

"I'm so thankful for the wisdom and knowledge Arabah Joy shared in this course. Her encouragement in the blog development process is invaluable!"

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